Electoral commission commits another mathematical mistake in their new update on Parliamentary election results

The Electoral Commission have committed yet another simple mathematical mistake in their latest update on the parliamentary election results.

In a statement posted on their official Facebook page, they stated that 273 seatshave so far been declared after the 2020 elections.

Breaking down how many seats were won by the various parties, they said NPP won 137parliamentary seats, NDC won 136 and 1 seat was secured by an Independent candidate.

Now if you add, 137+136+1, it will give you a total of 274 meaning the total seats declared given by the EC is wrong. It should be 274instead of 273 as stated in the press release.

See below:

This simple mistake has raised concerns as to if the Electoral Commission is serious in the dispensation of their duties. Because, already, they have done grave mistakes in the declaration of the Presidential elections which is causing problems between the NPP and the NDC party.

Because the latter party feels cheated in favour of the former.

Below are comments of people on Facebook concerning this new mistake from Jean Mensa’s led EC.

One Jerry Khingg Survivor wrote that Ghanaians deserve an apology for all these that are happening. He wrote; “Jean Mensah and her crew Owes Ghanaians an apology for the errors they have committed so far.In fact is a shame for them to still continue to publish anything on their website for us to trust.But what I don’t even understand is whether is the NPP and NDC who went into a race or EC and the NDC guys bear out bcoz anytime they are making comments they indirectly attack the NDC.Even what they have put out there doesn’t go with any details means a Facebook blogger is better than this people we call EC officials”.

Below are more comments:


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One Comment

  1. It only becomes a mistake when the reader or writer is doing propaganda
    273 shared between the NPP and the NDC
    1 independent with 1 outstanding
    Simple English. Let’s read and stop the propaganda.

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